Residence Check Request

  1. Please provide the following information at least 72 hours before the service is needed.

    The Conway Police Department offers this service to the citizens of Conway, Arkansas on a limited basis. Our patrol officers will check on your residence up to two times per day, when possible and circumstance allow. Any crime or property damage that may occur during your absence can not and will not be the responsibility of this department or city.

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    You can also download this PDF to fill out and either email, fax, or hand-deliver to the Conway Police Department. Instructions are included in the PDF.


General Contacts

1105 Prairie Street
Conway, AR 72032

Conway Police Department


  501.450.6120 (non-emergency)


City of Conway

We, the members of the Conway Police Department, are committed to protecting and serving the citizens of Conway, Arkansas. That is our highest calling, as we pledge to join hands with others in carrying out our sworn duty to uphold the law.

Chief William Tapley

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